Some test renderings for a new animation I'm working on.


If you need to recycle electronics, I suggest PC Recycler.
I had an easy time finding them and a good experience.


I've been around taking pictures of many things, like the Chinese
New Year Parade
, the FDR and MLK Jr.Memorial, and the
last day of the Awakening on Hanes Point. I've also been
hanging around the National Arboretum and Ft. Hunt.


I also designed a website for a DC area roller girls team. Many family pics.


I uploaded some of my animations and animations to YouTube and have
some of them linked here.


I redesigned this site yet again.


I created this site with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Imageready....
and I used Lightwave to cheat with the doughnut.


These are pics from the Obama Inaugural...the Obamaugural.


I added a bunch of new links.


I finally added some pics I took around the LC in 2008.
In the Jefferson and Adams.


These are from Snowpocolypse 1, 2009


These are from my trip to the zoo.


Some test shots with my new Canon S90.


These are from the two snowstorms of 2010, Snowpocolypse 2
and Snowpocolypse 3


Spring has sprung in DC


Cherry blossoms on Haines Point in DC and the Cherry Blossom street fest


A trip to the National Cathedral

A trip to my buddy's wedding
What I saw at the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear

A wedding Worthy of pictures


My 2010 trip to the house of lights


Getting snow blown Jan 26 and Jan 27, 2011


A short trip to the zoo in the winter


Walking around taking pictures of cherry blossoms


Nationals opening home weekend


The EU open house


The Embassy open house weekend


The weekend I helped save 2nd base


4th of July festivities in the DC area


Pics from a short trip up to Great Falls, MD


Pics from an Alzheimer's walk


Sunset on the Potomac in the Fall of 2011


Killing time in February at the zoo


Springtime in DC on March 16, March 19th, and March 23rd


Pictures I took around the Supreme Court in April


Playing with HDRIs while in the valley April 15th


Pictures from the final flight of Discovery on April 17th


Walked down to the Old Postoffice before Trump got a hold of it on the 20th


Took some shots while wondering around Passport DC May 5th


Wondered into the German occupied French embassy May 12th


Did the trifecta: Asian Heritage Fest, Greek Fest and Hirshorn on May 19th


Headed up to Baltimore to see the ships June 16th


I made a visit to the zoo after the dentist August 1st


Took the day off and went to the park Sep 24th


A trip to the Packard Campus of the Library of Congress on Nov 30th


Took some pictures of Christmas lights around town Dec 22nd


Ran over to the US National Arboretum May 5th

Raines Productions 2013