How to Buy a Green PC

How to Buy a Green PC

I found this one time and I think I'm going to go that way.


PC Recycler

If you need to recycle electronics, I suggest them. I had an easy time finding them and a
good experience.



I great place to get greeting cards in northern Virginia.


Donate to the Red Cross

Help if you can.


Donate to the Salvation Army 

They do great work.


The Washington Area Fuel Fund


National Race for the Cure

I try and do this every year.


Habitat for Humanity Restore

Restore is great if you're looking for fixtures, doors, etc.


The National Cherry Blossom Festival

lot's of fun


Give you an idea of what to do in DC.


World Catalog

This allows you to search for library materials all over the world.


Flickr x Library of Congress Photo Collections

This is really cool.


Smithsonian copyright-free images on Flickr

...and along those same lines.


LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google


National Geographic Picture of the Day

National Geographic Picture of the Day

My favorite place for wallpaper.


LC Historic Baseball Resources

Any baseball fan would enjoy this.


Find Lost Web Pages

This isn't 100%


Open Office

It's basically open source Office that runs on Java. Oh and it's free.


Old Versions of Software

Previous versions of freeware. Comes in great if you upgrade and encounter a conflict.


10 Cool Things About Squirrels

One of the most random things I've seen on


Cartoon physics

This is something I'm working on right now.



TC Williams HS

T.C. Williams High School

Remember the Titans


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